About Sorrey

Sorrey weaves unapologetic chronicles about remaining heart-strong in the face of fading romance couched in shoegazey dream-pop. Wielding undeniably anthemic hooks and skillfully crafted melodies, five-member band blends Halifax-based Emilee Sorrey's lyrical intimacy with hazy retro tones that effortlessly flourish on their debut full-length, In Full Bloom (Garment District, 2019). On October 16th, 2020, Sorrey released Bloom Remixes, an EP featuring five songs from ‘In Full Bloom’ re-imagined by Atlantic Canadian producers Good Neighbour, Niimo, and Waants.

Sorrey recently won the 2021 East Coast Music Association award for Pop Album of the Year

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Stay tuned for 2021/2022 tour dates


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